Justice for Lynn

Lynn's Law

NOTE: Thank you for everyone who sent in all their petitions to have the laws changed for violent crimminals and victim rights. Donna Irwin from Vancouver, Shelley Pertelson from Salmon Arm and Brandy Cummings from Penticton delivered them to Dan Albas (MP) yesterday in Penticton. It was an emotional day. There was 2000 signatures and Dan was very impressed. He will present it to the House of Commons around Sept 15th and he will let us know the exact date so we can watch it on TV. Its a big step for Lynn's family and other families who have suffered losing someone in such a violent way. Thank you to everyone who has supported this and collected signatures on behalf of the family They will need lots of support when the 2nd degree murder trial begins next year. Still fighting for you Lynn!

UPDATE:  Our petitions were presented to the House of Commons on December 6th, 2012.  Go to the videos page to watch the video of Dan Albas presenting to the House.


If anyone still has some petitions still out there you can send them directly to the House of Commons Attention Dan Albas to: Room 449 Confederation Building Ottawa On K1A 0A6 (no postage required)

Lynn's Law consists of two seperate petitions, which will be presented to the House of Commons.  

We are required to have 25 signatures on each petition before they can be presented to the House of Commons.  Our goal is to obtain signatures from across Canada.  Here is how you can support our signature campaign and help us fight for justice for Lynn and other victims of violent crimes by supporting Lynn's Law.

Petition Signature: If you would like to add your name to the petitions, please download the documents from the links above and sign the second page of each petition.  You must sign, not print your name and include your town/city, province and postal code.  There is no age limit to participate in signing, and you must be a resident of Canada.

Once signed please return the original signed document via mail to :

House of Commons

Attention Dan Albas 

 Room 449 Confederation Building Ottawa On

K1A 0A6 (no postage required)

If you are able to fill the petition page with signatures prior to mailing we would appreciate the support.  If you even have one signature on the page, please mail it and we will finish filling the page as part of our campaign.  Every signature is a voice and we want every voice heard.


 Note: All petition pages must be printed on plain standard letter paper (8.5 x 11).  There must be no mark ups on the paper after a signature is obtained or it will be invalid. The first page of signatures on each petition is reserved for Lynns immediate family.