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A great big thank you from Lynn’s family for everyone who stood by us during the trial from May - July 2013.  Keith Wiens was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 13 years.  He is currently appealing his conviction and sentence. 

Our petitions are still at the House of Commons and still moving forward.

This site will be expiring on October 10th.  If you wish to stay connected to the family and track the progress of the appeal or petitions please search for our Facebook page Lynn Frances Kalmring - Forever in our Hearts .


Lynn Kalmring, our daughter, sister, mother, nana, aunt and friend was brutally murdered on August 16, 2011 at the age of 55.  The man charged with Lynn’s murder is her common- law partner of 7 years (a retired RCMP officer).  He fired a gunshot to her face which killed her and stands charged with second degree murder.  Unbelievably, he was granted bail for a nominal surety of $50,000 and released into their small community while he awaits trial.  He is living in the home he shared with Lynn and where she was murdered with minimal bail restrictions including, turning in his passport and living in his home under the supervision of his brother.  His release has made prisoners of our family and community members in our small BC town.  He stands accused of committing a violent act against one of our family and we are fearful of unintended contact with him while we conduct our lives, as are many others in their neighborhood and in our community.

Lynn was a compassionate woman and gave all she had to her family, co-workers and the elderly that she cared for as a nurse.  We are fighting for Lynn; she is not here because of a violent act committed against her by someone she loved.   As we navigate through the legal process and struggle to understand the laws of our Canadian justice system, we hear more and more stories of others like us.  Lynn was a good, kind, loving woman and if someone could take her life violently, all Canadians are at risk.  We have realized it isn’t just in the news; this time it is our family.  Lynn, our family, the community where she worked in service to others, are victims of this crime.  As Canadians, we are all affected by violent crime and we need to rally together for justice, not just for Lynn, but for all victims of violence.   As Canadians we need to take a stand and demand changes to our laws.  Laws that are intended to protect the law abiding citizens of this great country.  Our system protects the wrong people.  It protects the perpetrator of the crime.  We must protect the victims.  Our system is broken.


  A Call for Change

 Lynn’s family and friends are fighting to have Canadian laws changed.  The changes we are asking Parliament for are:

  1. Stricter bail requirements for violent crimes : Typically there are three high-level criteria that are evaluated to determine if bail is granted:
    1. Protection for  the public, victim and witnesses
    2. How likely is the offender to commit a criminal offense if released
    3. Requirements to maintain confidence in the administration of justice

These three grounds are set out in the Criminal Code.  If bail is granted then conditions are imposed.  We are asking for the following changes to pre-bail and bail proceedings to apply to all violent offences in Canada: 

  • Prior to the bail hearing all violent offenders must undergo stringent psychological testing to ensure that there are no mental health issues that would indicate any reasonable risk to the public, victims or witnesses if the offender is released.  All findings should be taken into consideration at the bail hearing.

  • In the event of a violent crime that results in the death of the victim, the offender should not be eligible for bail until the conclusion of a preliminary hearing.   

    • Should the evidence in the preliminary hearing demonstrate a high probability that causing death was motive for the offence, bail would be denied.

    • Should the accused waive the preliminary hearing, bail would be denied.

    • Should the evidence in the preliminary hearing demonstrate no probability that causing death was the motive for the offence, and that based on a psychological assessment for mental health issues the offender is not likely to pose a public threat; all bail conditions should be directly relevant and scalable to the crime committed. 
  •  In all cases of murder charges the following conditions would be mandatory: 
    • curfew and/or house arrest ;
    • tracking technology such as a bracelet to ensure compliance to bail conditions

   2.    Changes to the National Victims Bill of Rights

  • Clear roles and responsibilities when it comes to Crowns, police and service workers around informing victims and families of their rights.  This will ensure victims and their families understand their rights, have access to timely information regarding the case, court proceedings, bail hearing, parole hearings and any other proceeding or ruling relating to the case.  In some provinces the Crown “should” consult with victims and their families regarding court dates, plea-bargains, compensation programs and victim services.  We are asking that this be a mandatory responsibility across Canada. 
  • Like parole hearings, we are asking that at bail hearing the victim and their families have a voice.  This is where the victim and their families can inform the court about any concerns they have for their safety or the safety of the community prior to a bail decision being determined.  We are asking that this be mandatory for all violent offences.


Lynn’s family and friends sincerely thank-you for your consideration in supporting these changes.  Unfortunately for us these changes come too late, but we can see an inequality in the system.  We cannot sit idly by and watch the next family that unfortunately faces these challenges, feel victimized at every step of the process.

Any questions, concerns or comments can be sent via email to justiceforlynn@gmail.com



 Lynn’s family & friends.








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